We are convinced that the things we do are better done by us than by the others, or heading towards this goal forcefully.

Our offer

wide range of services related to the preparation and implementation of telecommunication networks
  • installation of GSM, UMTS, LTE antenna systems and MW links
  • technology installation, complete wiring 
  • performance measurement  and testing of necessary parameters
  • commissioning Base Stations, alignment and commissioning of MW links
  • site acquisition and engineering
  • planning, design and project documentation,  
  • preparation and installation
  • civil works, supply and  montage of steel constructions
  • implementation of metallic and optical fixed networks

preparation and building of civil and industrial projects

  • planning, design and project documentation,
  • engineering
  • civil works
  • project managing and supervision

public procurement procedure:

  • complex performance  of public procurement process
  • consultancy in relation to public procurement process 
  • preparation of tenders, consultation with candidates


Doing our best to maintain our partners´ trust towards us, and provide the company to be the guarantee of quality.

Company vision

Our vision is to deliver the solutions, meeting the needs and expectations of our partners, focusing on professional approach to customers. We would like to invent innovative solutions in everyday professional life, contributing to the stability and success of our company.

Our team

3Connect is an ambitious and progressively growing company, which was formed by smart young people, who have gained professional experience at various levels of practice and after some years they have started to run their own business. The core of the company is created by professionals with over 10 years experience within the preparation and implementation of telecommunications buildings and installations. We are aware of the requirements and features of the market, and therefore we understand the particular needs of our customers very well.